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Connellsville Canteen WWII Museum

Featured in our Canteen are stories, memorabilia, and photos of local hero's that fought during WWII. Come and learn about the sacrifices our service members made during this time period. Also included are some interesting facts about WWII, including some people that made a difference around the world towards the war efforts.

A few of our WWII displays are now interactive. If your phone has a QR Code reader you can scan QR Codes attached to some of the photographs and actually hear "In Their Own Words" their story, thanks to Veterans Voices of Pittsburgh. The names below followed by a VIDEO were interviewed and you can see and hear their stories.

Adanitsch, Henry H.

Addis, John W. *(Purple Heart)

Albine, Arthur Eugene

Albine, Robert L. "Bob" (Flying Cross)

Alesantrino, Theodore M.

Alisantrino, Theodore A.

Anderson, Calvin A.

Andyjohn, Art

Archibald, Colin

Ash, John Wilbur

Bailor, Robert Joseph

Baird, Quentin

Balda, George Jr.

Bane, Eleanor WAVES

Barkley, Merle C. *(Purple Heart)

Barnhart, Frederick (Bronze Star)

Barnhart, Howard

Barrett, Thomas M. *(Purple Heart)

Barron, Clayton *(Purple Heart)

Basinger, James Edward

Basinger, John Jr.

Bauer, Robert B.

Bauer, William R.

Bell, Joe V.

Beneke, Eugene

Bereiter, Robert J.

Bloom, Robert Earl

Bluebush, George P.

Brady, John J. Jr.

Bulotta, Donald J.

Burke, Donald L.

Bush, Thomas *(Purple Heart)

Canestrale, Michael

Canestrale, Pete

Carbonara, Nick

Cassidy, Joseph Thomas, Sr.

Cataldi, Anthony L.

Cavaliere, Henry

Cavanaugh, Gene H.

Cavanaugh, Homer E. (Purple Heart)

Cavanaugh, Ralph D.

Cavanaugh, Reid J.

Cavanaugh, Roy D.

Child, Hollis B.

Childs, Louis D.

Christner, Ralph H.

Clark, Frank

Clark, Harry F.

Coffman, Lewis

Comiskey, John Vincent

Conte, Anthony

Cope, Donald A.

Corteil, Bernard

Corteil, John

Corvin, Arlyn B.

Corvin, Gene F.

Corvin, Wilmuth P

Coughenour, John F.

Coughenour, Lloyd

Cuneo, John L.

Cunningham, Harold H.

Curtis, Lemuel R.

Dailey, John Edward

Danko, Paul A. *(Purple Heart)

David, Harold Glenn

Dean, Melvin

DeBolt, Clarence

DeCara, Phil C.

DeClemente, Joseph C. Sr.

Delladonna, John V. (Purple Heart)

Dellavecchia, Anthony J.

Del Sordo, Joseph *(Purple Heart)

Demuth, Charles E.

Detwiler, Gerald W.

Detwiler, Wayne R.

Duggan, Lawrence V.

Duke, Ray E.

Dunaway, Frank Edward

Durbin, T. Robert

Dye, Gaylen L.

Eberharter, Virginia M. VIDEO

Etling, Charles P.

Etling, Howard G.

Eutsey, Merle B.

Falvo, Louis Eugene

Felton, William J.

Fiano, Victor

Firlik, Michael

Flick, John *(Purple Heart) (4)

Flischel, Robert

Flora, John J.

Floto, Eugene *(Purple Heart)

Flynn, Thomas E. *(Purple Heart)

Flynn, William H. (Bronze Star)

Fogle, George R. (Bronze Star)

Forejt, Joseph

Fox, John C.

Galiardi, Eugene Joseph

Gallentine, Willaim

Galiardi, Philip F.

Gaudiello, Vito J.

Gearing, James V. *(Purple Heart)

Geary, Glenn W. *(Purple Heart)

Gebadlo, Edward

Gebadlo, Thomas E.

Geehring, Willis *(Purple Heart)

Geiger, James P.

Geiger, Simon B.

George, Adeline Loretta

Ghrist, James

Gibson, Oliver H.

Gillott, Albert T.

Giobbi, Alex

Glotfelty, Glen G.

Glover, Dale W.

Gomer, Joseph Philip

Gore, Donald

Goron, Florian

Goron, Raymond

Goswick, George Sr.

Graham, John F.

Graziani, Horace (Purple Heart)

Greer, Hillery S. Jr.

Griglak, Martin

Hall, Arthur Henry

Hallowes, Odette Sanson

Hamilton, Andrew Wesley

Hamilton, Emory *(Purple Heart)

Hamilton, George Washington Jr.

Hanlon, John Robert

Harbarger, Charles P. *(Purple Heart)

Harbaugh, George R.

Harper, Frank G. *(Purple Heart)

Hart, David R.

Hart, George Gallagher (Purple Heart)

Hart, Philip T.

Hawrelak, William

Heffner, Tom

Heisterman, Joseph W.

Heltmark, Walter (WWI)

Henry, Donald "Dirt"

Henry, Howard "Bud"

Hixenbaugh, John *(Purple Heart)

Holt, John T. *(Purple Heart)

Hood, John R.

Hornbake, Viola Marie

Hostetler, Roy *(Purple Heart)

Hough, Wayne

Howard, Bobby

Howard, James

Huggins, Conrad Wayne *(Purple Heart)

Husband, Benjamin F. Jr.

Husband, William H.

Jackson, John Edward

Jaynes, Malcom Reid (Stubby)

Johnson, James

Jones, Allen Q.

Jones, Gordon T.

Jones, Harold H.

Jones, William

Joseph, Eugene

Joy, Roger J.

Kearney, Mary M. *

Keller, Melvin J.

Kelly, Robert G.

Keedy, Earl M. *(Purple Heart)

Kessler, James E. (Pete)

Kessler, JAS. E.

Kessler, Warren A.

King, Edward

King, Helen

King, Sheldon

Kinneer, Ernest E.

Knight, Gene

Konetsco, Walter L.

Kooser, George E. *(Purple Heart)

Krause, Fred J.

Krumanacker, Berton P.

Kuroki, Ben

Kurtz, (Jack) John

Lacoboni, Albert

Lango, Frank *(Purple Heart)

Lango, Sam *(Purple Heart)

Laughrey, David Goodwillie

Lawson, Earl Fenton

Leasher, Wilbur D.

Lewellen, Raymond

Lewellen, Roy

Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin (Bronze Star)

Lincoln, Dale VM VIDEO

Lindberg, Charles W.

Lint, James F.

Liposky, Andrew P.

Logan, Regis

Long, Richard Norton

Long, Robert M.

Lowe, Charles E.

Luckey, Frederick J.

Lutton, Edward C. *

Lutton, James L. *(Purple Heart)

Mahokey, James L.

Manges, Robert C.

Marco, Francis De

Marietta, Francis C.

Marlot, Rose Josephine

Marlot, Rozalija

Marshall, George C.

Martin, C. F.

Martin, Robert E. Sr.

Mathias, Carl

Mathias, John

Matthews, Harold L.

May, Dale

McCann, Russell Jr.

McClintock, Clair (Silver Star)

McCloy, Harold

McCormick, Vane E.

McDonough, Walter E. *(Purple Heart)

McElhoney, Carl D. (Purple Heart)

McElhoney, John Earnest (WWI)

McGann, Arthur T. VM VIDEO

McGinnis, Thomas C.

McKnight, Robert E. Sr. VIDEO

McLuckey, Robert P.

McNulty, Leo P.

Mendonsa, George

Mickey, Wilbur Ray "Bill"

Miller, Clyde & Harry

Miller, John W.

Miller, Wilbert J.

Milliman, Richard W.

Mitchell, Brady VM VIDEO

Mitchell, Edward R. *(Purple Heart)

Molinaro, Francis J.

Monaghan, Elizabeth B.

Mongell, Joseph

Mongelluzzo, Anthony S.

Mortimer, Duane D. *(Purple Heart)

Murphy, Vincent R.

Murray, Norman Thomas

Morris, Harvey

Nagy, Paul A. Sr.

Nardone, Evan VM VIDEO

Nicholson, Charles E.

Nicholson, Clarence E.

Nicholson, Gilbert O.

Nicholson, John F.

Nicholson, William H.

Orlando, Edward

Orlando, Pat

Osler, Ralph

Parrish, Sylvester (Tuskegee Airman)

Patrick, John J.

Peck, Merle

Perrus, Constantine J.

Peterson, Victor E.

Piccolomini, Ronald L.

Pierce, Lysle E.

Pietrzak, Stanley

Pirl, Victor R.

Piter, Andy Jr.

Port, John Y.

Porter, Harry

Porter, Mary Catherine

Porter, William Stacy

Prestia, Michael H.

Prudente, Joseph R.

Quinn, James R.

Quinto, Carl Anthony

Ramsier, Edward

Ramsier, Henry

Ranker, James

Ranker, Joseph R.

Ranker, Robert

Rankin, George *(Purple Heart)

Rankin, William *(Purple Heart)

Reed, Blaine

Reed, Paul

Reed, Robert "Bob"

Rendine, Francis (Fran)

Rendine, Joseph (Jo)

Rendine, Lawrence (Larry)

Rendine, Raphael (Ray)

Rendine, Sylvester (Doc)

Rice, Viola - WAVES

Ridgway, Jesse W.

Riedman, Hubert B.

Riley, William G.

Riser, George E. *(Purple Heart)

Ritenour, Robert R

Rivosecchi, Joseph J.

Rock, Albert J.

Rocks, Clarence Henry

Robbins, Franklin C. (Navy Cross)

Rohlf, Irwin W. *(Purple Heart) (2)

Rosendale, Charles H.

Rowan, Howard Kemp

Ruggieri, Ernest C.

Ruggieri, John J.

Rulli, Tony

Ruse, Anthony Jr.

Rush, Richard P. *(Purple Heart)

Russell, Robert

Salatino, Pete

Scacchi, Lou

Schiavoni, E. V., LT

Schroyer, John V. "Wally" (Bronze Star)

Sechler, Harvey M. (DOC) (Bronze Star)

Shallenberger, Betty WAVES

Sheetz, Alvin C.

Shipley, Delford (Pete)

Shipley, Roy A.

Shirey, Leroy P

Sikon, Valentine W. "Val"

Sohonage, William J.

Showman, Gerald Ronald

Shroyer, Alfred A.

Shultz, Earl *(Purple Heart)

Shutsey-Reynolds, Florence VIDEO

Siecinski, Anthony (Purple Heart)

Sirianni, Fiorensino M.

Smalley, James E. *(Purple Heart)

Smith, Florence Catherine WAVES

Smith, Henry D. *(Purple Heart)

Smith, Howard

Smith, Thomas R.

Sohonage, William J.

Soisson, Francis Orville

Soisson, William H. Jr. (Bronze Star)

Stagner, Charles X.

Stasko, Michael

Stillwagon, Thomas *(Purple Heart)

Strawn, Martin E. III

Summers, Earl S.

Swallop, Paul G

Swink (Keffer), Imogene

Swink, Lester

Swink, Wade E.

Thompson, Clyde R.

Thompson, James E.

Tissue, Charles W.

Tressler, Guy D. Jr.

Trump, Elmer

Urbach, Benjamin H.

Urbach, James E.

Vavra, George E. Jr.

Veghts, Charles Jr.

Veghts, Nick

Vernon, Margaret WAVES

Voithofer, Matthew J. Jr.

Vona, Anastasia WAVES

Walters, Carl

Wandel, Lewis

Weihe, Clyde R.

Weihe, Charles I.

Weisgerber, Howard Ernest Jr.

Welsh, Carroll R.

Whitlock, James *(Purple Heart)

Widmer, Charles E.

Wilson, Alfred L. (Medal of Honor)

Wilson, Wayne M. *(Purple Heart)

Wiltrout, Gerald *(Purple Heart) (2)

Woodruff, John Y.

Wrote, Herbert L. (Bronze Star x2)

Yakimick, John P.

Yauger, Charles E.

Yauger, Morris B.

Zenters, Gregg S.

Zinger, Emory J.

Daily Courier 09 April 2018